It’s not about us it’s about you.

Purple Cloud IT’s approach is simple, your success is our success!

We will always strive to give our clients exceptional customer experience, but this of course should be standard for any IT firm.

It’s important to mention… we don’t lose clients! They don’t want to leave us! We don’t keep our clients by tying them into long-term contracts, they don’t want to leave us because we deliver on our promises!

What sets us apart from the rest is our desire to build a long-term relationship with you as our client, to listen to your concerns, to help you feel confident that your systems are protected making your business productive.

We have offices in London and Cornwall which serve our clients in both areas.

We Know Your Frustrations

We unfortunately see the mistakes that many other IT companies make, we work hard not to make the same mistakes!

The service we offer has been carefully crafted around the needs of our clients, to us its simple, if we give our clients an exceptional customer experience they will never want to leave us! Thats proved the case with all our clients!


Your Frustrations

  • Long-Term IT contracts
  • Hidden fees
  • Drop in service after signing
  • Not confident that systems are secure
  • IT company not approachable 

Our Solutions

  • 30 Day Contracts
  • Transparent and upfront pricing
  • Continued high level of service
  • Security is our Priority
  • We love talking and helping our clients!

Our Values

We Take Ownership

Sound familiar – The phone company says the problem is with your IT company and visa versa? We take ownership of any tech issue and will work to ensure it gets successfully resolved; saving you the time and reducing stress!

No Geek Speak

We know you’re experts in your industry not ours so we won’t bombard you with techy jargon. You deserve to get answers to your questions, but in plain english! Our technicians will never make you feel stupid because you don’t understand their “geek speak!”

100% Customer Satisfaction

With 20+ years in Customer Service, our Director knows how to deliver an exceptional customer experience. In fact our Customer Service has been so successful that we still have clients that were with us from the start!

Fast Response Times

We always aim to answer calls live and emails within 30 minutes or less. If your request is urgent we will prioritise it until its resolved. No long waiting times, or complicated forms to fill out. Just pick up the phone or email us.

Technology Business Reviews

As our client we will meet with you regularly and discuss your IT Roadmap, where you were in terms of Cyber Security, where you are, and where you need to go. Our clients love their personalised IT Roadmap!

Aaron Nihat - Purple Cloud IT Director

Aaron Nihat

Director of Purple Cloud IT

A Message from our director

“I’ve worked in the IT industry since the late 90s and for several firms who are leaders in the respective markets including Moody’s Investors Service, Alcatel, and Freshfields.

One pivotal lesson I’ve learnt over the past few decades is that its essential for the IT company or department to connect with their customers. Sadly I’ve seen too much tech jargon or a lack of focus on the customer in our industry.

We provide a valuable service to our customers and providing an exceptional customer experience should be a part of that service, otherwise you’ll lose the trust of your customer!

I’m happy to be leading an organisation where we focus on the customer experience as well as the IT and Cyber Security side of our services. Our clients love working with us because of our approach and we look forward to working with new clients and helping them to move their business to the next level!”

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We have offices in London and Cornwall

With many clients in London and Cornwall we have offices in both locations to service these clients. Most of the support you require from an IT company will be remote, but its always good to know that you have an onsite engineer close by should you need them to visit.

London Office

London Office

10 Lower Thames Street

Cornwall Office

Cornwall Office

Tremough Innovation Centre
TR10 9TA