IT Support for Charities and Non-Profits who need to Stay Secure but keep Costs Low

As a Charity or Non-Profit we know you want to protect the confidential data you hold within your organisation but you also have limited funding.

The National Cyber Security Centre provides recommendations on what Charities need to do to protect themselves and we help our Non-Profit and Charity clients implement these recommendations.

Are Charities and Non-Profits under Attack?

According to Civil Society, in 2019 1/4 of UK Charities suffered a Cyber Attack!

According to the Government, in 2020there’s been a dramatic increase in Cyber Attacks against Charities

Cyber Attacks will increase against Charities, get in touch us for a FREE Cyber Review


How can we help your Organisation?

Premium Support

We monitor the health and security of all your devices and provide proactive support so we can deal with anything before it becomes an issue. Our friendly Helpdesk are always on hand for anything else you need.

Long-Term Savings

Long-term planning is essential for any Non-Profit organisation. We can help you plan for the future and make decisions today which will save you money for the future.

IT Director Service

As a client you will benefit from our IT Director service as we provide advice on your IT budget, Cyber Security audit of current setup, and a clear IT Roadmap to improve security and business efficiency for the future.

Premium Security

We know funding maybe limited for your organisation which is why we are able to provide premium Cyber Security services for all our Charity and Non-Profit clients but without the premium price!



Leann Cross

Director of Home-start Greenwich
(90+ Staff over 8 sites)

“As with most companies we hold a lot of confidential data which we need to keep secure. Cornwall IT have the knowledge and experience which they used to assist us in implementing systems into our business to give us and our community the confidence that we are secure, and are always compliant with the most recent guidelines. The team are thoughtful, can handle crisis calls and resolve issues quickly and prevention is key!”

Solutions Your Charity Needs

Work Anywhere

Many businesses now have staff that need to work from any location including the office or home. This brings greater security issues.

We use the latest in Cloud Technology so that our clients can safely and securely access their Files and Emails from anywhere!

Did you know? Office 365 is a great product but without professional help, out of the box is very insecure.

Backup Your Data

If you suffered a Ransomware attack, all your files would be encrypted and if you don’t back them up you would lose everything!

We backup all your emails and data so if you did ever suffer a Ransomware attack, we could simply restore all your data back.

Did you know? Microsoft and Google recommend you backup Microsofty 365 and Gsuite (its in their T&Cs)!

Stay Secure

Charities hold a lot of confidential data so if they suffered a breach, the consequences would be disastrous.

We secure and monitor our Charities IT systems so if there is even an initial attack by a Cyber Criminal that would usually go undetected, we would know about it!

Did you know? Charities are a major target of Cyber Criminals because they know that a lot do not keep their systems secure.

    Critical Staff Training

    The biggest risk to your Organistion in succumming to Cyber Attack is your staff!

    With our Cyber Awareness training, we help make your staff your biggest protection against Cyber Attack!

    Did you know? 90% of all successful Cyber Attacks occur because of human error.


    4 Steps to Simple & Secure IT

    01 - Discovery

    We love to listen! You tell us your current IT frustrations and issues. We will review your IT Setup and even make some initial recommendations.

    02 - Proposal

    After our initial discussion we will send you a proposal which explains the benefits of how your IT & Cyber Security can improve your Business.

    03 - Onboard

    If you’re happy with the proposal, you select the options that are right for you, and we immediately begin our onboarding process which is seamless and easy!

    04 - Results

    As your technology partner, you’ll now be able to concentrate more on your Business and not your IT! We will keep your IT running efficiently and securely, you’ll love working with us!