Cyber Essentials Cornwall

Can a Cyber Essentials Certification protect your Business from Cyber Attack?

Cyber Essentials is a government initiative that encourages organisations of all sizes to implement good Cyber Security practices. Why is this needed? Well 1 in 3 SMEs full victim of Cyber-attacks, but most of these Cyber-attacks are very basic in nature and could have been prevented by meeting the Cyber Essential requirements. In fact, Cyber Essentials can protect your organisation against over 80% of these common attacks.

Cyber Essentials Cornwall

We’re Cyber Essentials Certified and have assisted other businesses.

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How is your organisation a target of Cyber Criminals?

Cornwall IT have conducted Cyber Security Audits for many businesses. So far every business that’s had an audit has had serious security issues in their IT setup. This has been anything from not having adequate network security in place, to not backing up their data or emails, or never running vulnerability scans on their network. We help our clients improve their Cyber Security so they can feel confident that they are protected.

Cyber Essentials

We will check to see if your business meets all the requirements required to gain the Cyber Essentials accreditation. We will provide as much help as you need to pass the certification. The Cyber Essentials scheme includes:

  • Access to a step by step questionnaire which will guide you through the certification process
  • Option for additional help if required
  • 24 hours certification process once requirements have been met

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus is the next level in your certification process. This includes meeting the requirements of Cyber Essentials. We will then guide you through passing the certification with the following process:

  • Assessment on your office network which is completed 100% remotely
  • Remediate any outstanding issues
  • Provide your Cyber Essentials Plus certification which also includes the logos and a report

Why Cyber Essentials is right for your Business!

Prevent 80% of Cyber Attacks – The Cyber Essentials scheme is overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre and can protect your organisation against over 80% of common cyber-attacks!

Demonstrate your Security – Cyber Essentials shows your clients that you take Cyber Security seriously and that you are very much interested in protecting the sensitive data you hold within your organisation.

Prevent 80% of Cyber Attacks – The Cyber Essentials scheme is overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre and can protect your organisation against over 80% of common cyber-attacks!


Which Certification will you choose?


The FCA ask you to prove you have sound Cyber Security in place to support your business, we know this because we help our FCA registered clients implement such securities.

Non-Profit & Charities

As a Charity you will likely hold a lot of confidential data, we help our Charity clients secure this data from Cyber Attack, let us help you!

Additional FAQ’s

Do I need Cyber Essentials to bid for Government contracts?

Some Government contracts require an organisation to be Cyber Essentials certified in order to bid for a Government contract. Requirements and exemptions may vary between department, so it is important that you are able to seek clarification for each contract.

Can I be 100% secure if I have a Cyber Essentials certification?

Unfortunately, no IT or Cyber Security business can guarantee 100% protection from Cyber Attack but we help all our clients achieve protection beyond Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus, and we can help you too!

Will my certification expire?

Cyber Essentials needs to be reviewed annually, although the initial certification and remediation of any issues usually is the most expensive year of any certification.