Cyber Security Services That Your Business Needs!

Your Business is a target for Cyber criminals. Your data may not be valuable to them but they know it’s valuable to you. Protecting your data should be of interest to every Business.

We provide a whole host of services that can project your business from a Cyber Attack.

Here’s How We Will Protect Your Business:

Initial Cyber Security Audit which highlights any issues that need addressing

Monitoring your systems 24/7 for any threats and respond accordingly

Implementing advanced Email Security to block any malicious emails

Advanced protection against known and unknown threats

Managing Backup of all your Data and regularly testing these backups

Implementing account 2FA and password management

Enrolling Staff on Cyber Awareness Training

Regular Phishing Simulations

Dark Web Monitoring to highlight compromised Business accounts

Optional monthly reporting to show how we’ve protected you

Ongoing Cyber Security Road-map

If you’re not confident that your Business is protected against Ransomware and other Cyber threats, get in touch with us!

“Todays Cyber Attacks are so advanced that many Businesses don’t even know they’ve been hacked. It’s important to remember a Cyber Criminal wants to hack your Business without you knowing, that’s perfect for them.”

Aaron Nihat

Director & Cyber Security Speaker

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