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  • Doubts that your current IT firm are keeping you secure?
  • Not providing value for your investment?
  • Not giving you the customer service you deserve?

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Problems We Solve

No one wants ongoing IT issues distracting their organisation from running smoothly! When a client joins us we take ownership of ALL your IT systems so you can concentrate on running your business!

IT Support Cornwall
Ongoing IT issues?

Frustrated about spending hours trying to fix issues but to no avail?


Worried that your systems could go down, preventing staff from working and loosing you money?


Not sure if you’re using the right technology to work efficiently?

Purplecloud IT work with many Businesses that have faced the same issues as you, we keep their systems running smoothly so they can concentrate on their Business and not waste time on IT. As one of the leading tech companies in Cornwall we can support your business whether your Offices are in the South West or London. We provide Cornwall IT Services to many organistions in the county, why not get in touch to see how we can help you!

Concerned about Cyber Security?

Concerned that your staff might not be working securely from home?


Not sure if your business is prepared for a Cyber Attack?


No clue in how to detect if your business has actually suffered a Cyber Attack?

We help many Businesses just like yours to stay protected against Cyber Attacks. The Tech Sector is changing which is why we use the latest technology and user training to give our clients the confidence in working both in the office and remotely without the worry of going under from a Cyber Attack.

IT Services We Provide Cornwall Organisations

IT Support Cornwall

Outsource all your IT issues to us no matter what size business you are.

Advanced Cyber Security

We protect your organisation with our layers of advanced cyber security systems.

Backup Services

We can backup your data to our secure offsite location and restore this data when required.

Cloud Computing

Our IT consultancy can help you plan your IT roadmap and budgets for the future.

Remote Working

Staff working from home? Let us make sure they are working securely.

Business Phone (VoIP)

Our phone systems can help you communicate from where ever you are located.

Cornwall IT Services

IT Support Cornwall

Cornwall Office

Tremough Innovation Centre
TR10 9TA

IT Companies Cornwall

Why Cornwall Organisations Work With Us!

Here are a few reasons why we are the wise choice for your business.

We Take Ownership

Your tech issue is our issue, we can manage your vendors and get problems resolved, saving you time and reducing stress!

No Geek Speak

Instead of throwing tech jargon at you we’ll answer all your questions in plain English! You’ll never hear “geek speak!”

100% Customer Satisfaction

We still have clients that have been with us from the start. 20+ years in customer service has taught us a thing or two!

Fast Response Times

No long waiting times. Calls are answered right away and emails replied to within 30 minutes.

Technology Business Reviews

Regular reviews help keep you productive and on track. Our clients love their personalised IT roadmap.

IT Support Cornwall – FAQs

We’ve put together a list of FAQs but please get in touch if you can’t find an answer to a question you have, just contact us here.

Does my Business need IT Support?

Cyber attacks are becoming more common with many small to medium businesses being targetted. Cyber criminals know that there are some businesses out there that have no Cyber Security plan in place and these are an easy target for them! We provide managed IT support which includes a cyber security audit to highlight any major risks to your business and what you need to do to protect yourself.

Is my Business ready for a Cyber Attack?

We ask every business this question! Are you ready for a cyber attack!? Its not a matter of IF you will suffer a cyber attack, its WHEN! If any IT firm says they can protect 100% against a cyber attack, they are lying to you! You need to be prepared to overcome any cyber attack so that any downtime is reduced to the absoloute minimum. 

Will you improve my Businesses IT?

We offer premium IT Support for London Firms, with this in mind we believe your computer consultant should routinely conduct roadmap meetings with you to look for new ways to help improve your operations, lower costs, increase efficiencies and resolve any recurring problems that may be arising.

Do you have enough technicians to cope with my demands?

Yes! We carefully monitor the amount of remote and onsite calls we have to deal with and if we see a slight reduction in our response times, we hire more staff!

You don’t want to find that the moment you need a problem fixing, the only person that can help is away on holiday. Any IT firm should have enough technicians who know and understand your network and business to be able to help you at all times.

Do technicians arrive on time and dress professionally?

Any technicians working on your network is a part of your staff while they are there. We believe technicians should be true professionals that you would be proud to have in your office. They should dress professionally, show up on time and tidy up after themselves!

Do you provide remote and onsite support?

Yes! Most of our support can be done remotely (at a reduced rate from our Cornwall offices), but we can also send a support engineer on site when required. Our clients also have regular business meetings with one of our accounts managers. The key for us is providing an exceptional customer experience whether that is remotely or onsite.

You have Offices in Cornwall and London?

Our head office is in Cornwall and we also have another office in the London area. This means we can offer competitive remote support services as the bulk of our staff are located in Cornwall and we don’t have large overheads which is the case for many other London IT Support firms. For IT Support Cornwall, get in touch with us!

What makes you different from other IT Companies in Cornwall?

We offer the same IT Support and Cyber Security services as other premium IT firms in Cornwall but we have invested heavily in our customer experience. Too many IT companies fail to listen to their clients and adapt their offering based on those conversations.

We are constantly implementing feedback we hear from our clients to improve their experience with us, this in turn means we don’t lose clients!

Do you support Windows and Macs?

Yes to all! We support all the major operating systems with experts in each of them.

Will you help with my 3rd party applications?

Yes we always take ownership of all your IT problems, so if you have an issue with a 3rd party application, we will liaise with the support company that cares for that until the issue is resolved. We also provide support for major products that you use such as Microsoft 365

Will you talk Jargon to me?!

No! Its our policy not to talk geek speak to any of our customers. Our technicians will never make you feel stupid by talking techy jargon to you. Afterall we understand that you’re experts in your industry not ours so we will explain things to you in plain english!

Will I only hear from you if I contact you?

We regularly meet with all our clients and review their IT, discuss any concerns, any projects and continue to move them forward with their personalised IT Roadmap.

Tell me more about Purplecloud IT's history?

Our director has been in the IT, Cyber Security and Customer service industry for over 20 years and Cornwall IT (our former company name) has been around since 2015. Our director has delivered many public speaking talks on Cyber Security and Customer Service (both are at the heart of Purple Cloud IT)

Do you provide detailed invoices that clearly explain what I'm paying for?

Do you hate it when your computer service company sends you an invoice and you have no idea what work was done? This is completely unacceptable behaviour. You should demand detailed invoices that show what’s been done, why and when so you never have to guess what you are paying for.

What if I have an issue at the weekend?

You can get in touch with us whether its during office hours, in the evening or at the weekend. Our team are always on hand to provide help whenever you require it (even if that is out of hours).

How do I get in touch if I need help?

Our clients can call our dedicated helpdesk number on 01326 336 332, log a support request via our IT Support App thats sits on their desktop, or chat with us online!

We make it super easy for our clients to contact us! For Cornwall IT Services, please get in touch today!

What's it like to work with Purplecloud IT?

We love our clients, and our clients love us! We enjoy finding out about every business we work with and helping them stay secure, be productive and be able to concentrate on their business rather than their IT. Cornwall IT is made up of brilliant customer focused and friendly people and we quickly become part of your team!

Sectors We Serve


The FCA ask you to prove you have sound Cyber Security in place to support your business, we know this because we help our FCA registered clients implement such securities.

Non-Profit & Charities

As a Charity you will likely hold a lot of confidential data, we help our Charity clients secure this data from Cyber Attack, let us help you!


The recruitment industry is a fast moving sector that needs technology to just work! Our clients in your industry love how we keep their technology running smoothly.

Small to Medium Sized Business

We know SME’s want to keep their IT costs low but also stay secure and protected. Find out how we can help your SME today! IT Consultancy for Cornwall Organisations.


4 Steps to Simple & Secure IT

01 - Discovery

We love to listen! You tell us your current IT frustrations and issues. We will review your IT Setup and even make some initial recommendations.

02 - Proposal

After our initial discussion we will send you a proposal which explains the benefits of how your IT & Cyber Security can improve your Business.

03 - Onboard

If you’re happy with the proposal, you select the options that are right for you, and we immediately begin our onboarding process which is seamless and easy!

04 - Results

As your technology partner, you’ll now be able to concentrate more on your Business and not your IT! We will keep your IT running efficiently and securely, you’ll love working with us!

Cornwall IT Services – Our clients want our service to be reliable, efficient, and approachable.

With many years of experience in the IT sector, we know what exceptional customer service is and what our clients expect from an IT support service. We provide IT & Cyber security services in Cornwall to many businesses. 

Our clients don’t view us as an external IT business, they view us as part of their team, working with them each day to keep them secure and productive. So if your a company in Cornwall looking for premium customer service that is cost effective and efficient so you can concentrate on running your business, contact us today and lets build a long term partnership. For Cornwall IT Services, please get in touch today!


What Our Cornwall Clients Think

“Their professional yet friendly approach is a credit to them, and their knowledge is superb. Everything you could need, all handled and taken care of. “


Cornwall Refuge Trust

“Getting Purple Cloud IT to take care of our IT has been the best decision we've made!”


Cornwall ethic recruit

“We receive an exceptional service from Purple Cloud IT. They are always super responsive and go above and beyond their duties to help us with anything IT related, across the board. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.“


ThemisWealth Newquay

"The team listen to us and are there whenever we need a hand. We have the extra security we need to run a financial planning practice! Highly recommended"